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San Soo is not a sport but a fighting technique. Tsoi Li Hoi Hung Fut Ga is a complete martial system and does not focus on only one aspect of combat but utilizes all elements of physical and mental development. Although forms and fighting "lessons" are taught it is always encouraged to expand the mind and as Jimmy would say, "Don't be a lesson fighter! Now use it." The techniques can change instantly to suit any situation. With proper body dynamics, positioning, timing, balance, coordination and the correct intention you can develop your mind and body to a very high level. It is no mistake that speed and power were not mentioned above. If you ever trained with Grand Master Woo you would have heard him frequently say, "Speed will be there when you need it, slow down so you can train to use yourself. Not how fast or hard you hit, but how right you hit." My belief is that he was speaking of the elements noted above.

Kung Fu San Soo can be a devastating means of self-defense but should also train the student to be a better person. With the confidence you gain should also come some element of self-control and humility. "The art of Kung Fu lies not in the victory or defeat, but in the building of human character." Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo

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