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Master Shellee Rockwell
Shellee Rockwell began training in Kung Fu San Soo under Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo in 1982. She continued to train under Master Jack Sera until 1998. Shellee received her Master's degree from Juan M. Meza. Shellee trains with Michael and assists in the Tai Qi, Ba Gua and San Soo classes as well as training with Master Su, Zi Fang and Master Amy Tong. She excels in Tai Qi Sword as well.

With a professional dance background, Shellee specializes in teaching details of footwork, body alignment and form demonstration. With her strong foundation, Shellee can perform precision technique and move larger opponents with little effort.

Master J. Michael Rockwell
With 30 years of study in the martial and healing arts, Master Michael Rockwell offers a unique combination of instruction that focuses on practical fighting applications, form precision and technique, as well as moving and standing meditations.

The name, Spring Wind, was given to Sifu Rockwell by Tai Qi Master, Shirley Wong. Her ancient style of Chinese calligraphy, as pictured in the signature stamp or chop in the upper right corner of these pages, means "the wind of spring"; it helps everything grow and develop their traits freely.

In 1978, Sifu Rockwell began his Martial Arts training at the age of 13 with the late Grand Master of Kung Fu San Soo, Chin Su Dek (Jimmy H. Woo) in El Monte, California. He received his instructor's degree from Jimmy H. Woo in 1983. When Master Jack Sera inherited the El Monte studio, Michael continued to advance his art, focusing on precision of technique. Michael received his Masters degree from Juan M. Meza.

During the early 1980s, Sifu Rockwell studied with Ray Zambrana, learning Yang Style Tai Qi Quan and Wing Chun. In Monterey Park, Sifu Rockwell trained with Master Chin Ho, who drew diagrams in the dirt to illustrate walking the circle and palm changes. Charles Lu taught him Tai Qi Quan, Ba Duan Qi, his version of the Ba Duan Jin, and Shaolin Tan Tuy in Arcadia each morning before Sifu Rockwell began his workday.

Sifu Rockwell's training in Ba Gua Zhang and healing meditations continued when he met with Sifu Jerry Alan Johnson for internal body training. These sessions have greatly increased Sifu Rockwell's understanding and strength in the Nei Gong or internal body dynamics.

On a chance meeting in 1990, Sifu Rockwell began training with one of Los Angeles Chinatown's finest instructors, Master Amy Tong. Master Tong's instruction has focused on the Yang Style Tai Qi Quan, Tai Qi Jian, Qi Gong, and Leung Yi Quan.

Sifu Rockwell began training with Master Su Zi Fang, in 1996 and continued training for 11 years mostly on a private basis. During these privates sessions Sifu Rockwell studied Ba Gua Zhang, Yang Style Tai Qi Quan Competition Forms\Weapons, Sun Style Tai Qi Quan and Xing Yi Quan.

Training Summary
The Rockwell's focus on training has included Kung Fu San Soo, Ba Gua Zhang, Yang & Sun Style Tai Qi Quan forms and weapons as well as Xing Yi Quan.


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