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Master J. Michael Rockwell and Master Shellee Rockwell teach group and private classes in Monrovia, California.

Private classes
Contact Michael and Shellee Rockwell via there contact us page for class times and locations.

New classes are now forming!

Listed below are short descriptions of the arts taught by the Rockwells.

Kung Fu San Soo
Master Rockwell received his instructor's degree from Lo Sifu in 1983. When Master Jack Sera inherited the El Monte studio, Michael continued to advance his San Soo art, by focusing on precision of technique. Sifu Rockwell's San Soo classes, at this time, are being held on a private & small group basis by appointment. The focus in these classes, as in all other classes, will be on proper body dynamics and quality of technique. Practiced correctly over time, your body's muscle memory will develop the proper timing, balance and coordination needed for effective self defense.

Tai Qi Quan
Classes cover the Yang Style 108 movement called the long form, the 36 movement and 24 movement forms as well as the 42 combined form. The Tai Qi knife, gim, and spear are also specialties taught by Sifu Rockwell.

Liang-Yi Chuan is a rare form created by Grandmaster,Fu, Zhen Song. This bridge between Tai Qi and Ba Gua Zhang was passed down to Master Amy Tong and then to the Rockwells.It's combination of Yang, Chen, and Sun styles give you the essence of Tai Qi and the essence of Ba Gua Zhang in one fast paced form.

Ba Gua Zhang
Ba Gua study, like all study, begins with the basic exercises that will form your foundation. Master Rockwell's specialty is Jiang Rong Jiao's Lao Ba Zhang as taugh to him by Master Su, Zi Fang. Master Su's teacher was the late Master Sha, Guo Zheng who was the top student of Jiang Rong Jiao.

Also offered will be the Yin and Yang Dragon forms (Long Xing Ba Gua) and the sword, knife and spear. At the higher levels of training, the Lian Huan Zhang or Linked Palms set can be taught. All Ba Gua movements eventually become flowing, linked movements and truly become an extension of the will and intent. Ba Gua is a very beautiful style to watch and even more impressive to experience.

Qi Gong
Building your energy is a primary goal of the many styles of Qi Gong. Sifu Rockwell can guide you through many different healthful sets that will calm your mind and build foundation. The Tai Qi 18 Qi Gong levels 1, 2,and 3, the Five Position Standing, I-Chuan and Liang Gong, are just several of the energy building exercises offered.

The Zhineng Qi Gong is a very special system taught to Sifu Rockwell by Master Amy Tong who learned the system from Dr. Pang Ming, the founder of the Huaxia Zhineng Qi Gong Center in Qinhuangdao China. When embarking on Qi Gong training, be sure to let your instructor know if you currently study Qi Gong or meditation.

Sun Style Tai Chi Quan
Sun Style Classes cover the 98, 73 and 13 movement forms along with various concepts regarding movement and application of these forms.

Various Kung Fu Weapons
Staff, various lengths, Butterfly Knifes, Jian and more!

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