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 Ba Gua Zhang 

Ba Gua Zhang or Eight Trigram Palm is a turn of the century art considered to be one of the 3 "internal" martial arts. Ba Gua is similar to Tai Qi but more physically demanding and visually dynamic. The history and origins of this art vary depending on the source you reference. Extensive research by scholars has led to several theories. All of which still leave room for debate. Master Tung Hai Chuan is almost always referred to as the founder and creator of this style but some say there were Taoist monks performing circle walking meditations prior to Tung's creation. Other theories say that Tung Hai Chuan learned this art from a Taoist monk. Tung Hai Chuan was known to be an accomplished master of other styles before he became known as the founder of Ba Gua Zhang. Students of Master Tung were already masters in their chosen arts. In keeping with the philosophy of change, Master Tung taught each of his students differently according to their skills and body type. This is why there are so many different forms of Ba Gua Zhang. These styles continue to evolve as individuals learn to express themselves. The common thread between the styles can be found in the single and double palm change.

The twisting, coiling, contracting and expanding movements of Ba Gua Zhang have a dramatic effect on the body internally and externally. Aside from the health benefits of these types of movements, the self-defense potential is limitless. With correct practice and application of body dynamics the will and intent become the driving force which motivates your movement. Then your creation can begin.

A Ba Gua master once said - "If the road is correct, what does it matter where it started."


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